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Erin Joyce’s dogs Billie and Seymour loved watching their owner walk around in their driveway when Billie discovered a hole for him to peek through. Billie is an Australian kelpie-dingo mix, when she found the hole she would not stop speaking though when Erin came home and saw her dog peeking out of the fence she knew she had to find something better for her pup. Erin’s husband Dean, saw that Billie and Seymour loved watching their mom and the neighborhood so he decided to make things easier for the dogs. He cut out two spots for them to watch and look around without the danger of getting splinters. Now they do it all day! “There was a small hole in the fence that Billie was sticking her nose out of to sniff at me every time I went to or from my car,” Erin said. “So Dean decided to make it so she could see me come and go. We didn’t expect both dogs to like it so much!”

Erin says Seymour is “the life of the party” because he likes to be tangled with everyone else’s business. So when the Joyce’s next-door neighbour got a new puppy named Wynston, they became friends right away. Erin knew they needed a way to connect so she installed a gate for the dogs to run and play together. The gate is locked when everyone is at work but when they get home it is time for a puppy party; the gate is opened up and they can run in each other’s yards and the doggy parents can stay a safe distance away. Billie keeps a watchful eye on the two and is like a mother when they play too rough and need a break. Erin loves them spying and likes to come home to find her puppies waiting for her.

 “Every day we open the gate for them to have a big play in the afternoon as soon as we get home from work,” Erin said. “It’s great for their socialization as we’re still in lockdown and they can’t go out and meet other dogs as they usually would at parks at this age. Billie is like a surrogate mother to them and watches them play. If they get too rough, she will intervene and give them a time-out.” Seymour likes to play hide and seek with Erin and Dean when they come home. After a long day of watching neighborhood and spying on friends Billie and Seymour have a long nap to  energise for the next day of playing.