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At the Katmai National park and Preserve in southern Alaska, people celebrate fat bears throughout the state.
Each year, this Alaskan park holds Fat Bear Week, to where they find a bear that checks off each thing on the list that includes the bears intensely eating, hibernating, and more. This event is all through an online competition.
This event began in 2014 as “Fat Bears Tuesday” and had progressed over the years into a contest to where it had raised awareness into giving nearly 2,000 bears a home. A spokesperson, Amber Kraft, had a say in it. “People love bears and they love a good competition”, Amber had said. The park expands to 4.1 million acres (or 280 miles). “This year, in particular, Fat Bear Week is a nice break from everything else going on,” she added.
Just last year, there were nearly 200,000 votes coming in for this strange contest. When this year’s contest had started on September 30th, ending on October 6th, there had been more than 600,000 votes flying in. But with that many votes, only one bear had possession to the crown. It was Bear 747, an adult male named for the mammoth jet plane.
This winning contestant had been the biggest bear out of them all when coming down to 12 hefty bears. Bear 747, nicknamed now as the Earl of Avoirdupois, is one large bear after doing his daily routine.