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One man is dead in Manheim township after a hostage situation that began on Tuesday night.

The man died from a self inflicted gunshot wound and the Lancaster County Coroner has ruled it a suicide.

After approximately 5 and a half hours, police finally made the decision to enter the home.

Police used phone and PA systems to try and negotiate and communicate with the suspect.

During the entry of the residence, 2 shots were fired, one by a police and one by the suspect.

The shot fired by the police grazed the suspect’s rib area. The second shot was the self-inflicted gunshot that killed the man.

Police were dispatched to an apartment on Knollwood Drive after a 911 call was made by a relative of the woman inside the home.

She told dispatcher that the woman was in danger and investigators later discovered that he was abusing the woman. She reported that he was armed with a handgun and a knife.

“Officers then heard a female screaming from inside the residence, and observed a female come to a window on the second floor.  The female screamed down to officers that she needed help.  Seconds later, a shot was fired from the window.  It was later determined that no persons were struck as a result of this shot being fired.” The DA’s office said in a CRIMEWATCH post.

It was determined that both the man and the woman were both in the bedroom for the duration of the standoff.

The man was found deceased inside the bedroom and the woman was found uninjured in a closet.

The district attorney will determine if the officer’s use of deadly force was justified.

“This was a very dangerous situation both to our officers and the public. Those affected were extremely understanding and cooperative with police, and assisted with ensuring that the scene was safe for those not involved directly in the apartment in question.” said Chief Rudzinski.

We will provide an update when the man’s identity is released. We will also post about the district attorney’s determination when it is released.

Note: Images and Quotes taken from a release from the Manheim Township Police Dept. This release can be found here.