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Franklin Co, PA- 13 year old Brayden Wright is being charged as an adult after the shooting death of his 9 yr old brother in Waynesboro. Wright is currently in the Franklin County Jail where he was denied bail.

The two brothers were in the living room of their residence on Clayton Ave. early Wednesday morning when Wright told his brother that he wanted to play “Cops and Robbers”

Wright said that he got a handgun from the couch and that he knew his father kept it there, he also knew that it was fully loaded. Wright’s father told police that he kept two loaded 9 millimeter handguns in a compartment of the couch for self defense.

Wright said that he was upset that his brother was not listening to him, so he put the gun yo the back left side of his head and shot him.

Wright then put the gun back into the compartment after the shooting. Wright then called 911 to report that his brother was hurt and needed help. Waynesboro police responded after 6 am and PA State police responded soon after 7am.

The child was bleeding from the head and in cardiac arrest. He was transported to Waynesboro Welspan where he sadly passed away from his injuries. Medical personnel had indeed determined that the child had been shot in the head.

When Wright was interviewed by the police, he said he had minimal knowledge about handling a firearm and that his father had taught him not to point one at any other people. He admitted that he had handled firearms at his home without the parents’ knowledge comparing it to “practicing.”

As of 7/9/20, Wright is being charged with Aggravated assault and Criminal Homicide. His hearing is scheduled on 8:15 am at the Franklin County Central Court.

UPDATE: The residence where the shooting occurred is being condemned by the Waynesboro Borough Zoning Enforcement due to unsanitary conditions.