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The Gettysburg College is requiring all students to quarantine in their dorms after there were 33 positive cases (as of today) since August 23rd.

Julie Ramsey, The Dean of Students, reports that there were 25 more cases reported this week and they are still awaiting more test results.

The all-student Quarantine began last Tuesday and is expected to continue until the end of this week.

All classes are being taught remotely and students can only leave their dorms to use the restroom, pick up food and bring it back to their room, or go for a scheduled COVID-19 Test.

Any student who does not follow these guidelines will be required to go home.

Ramsey wrote in a letter: “We understand that a residential restriction will not be easy and that the current situation on campus is not what any of us had in mind when we decided to return residentially,”.

“The days ahead will be challenging, and we’ve heard from you about the challenges you are experiencing with the restrictions that are already in place. This is a moment when we must join together, support one another, and fully comply with our community health and safety protocols,” she said.