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2021 is a new year and that means some new laws are going into effect.

The first new law is an addition of the state’s existing “steer clear” law. This current law requires that drivers move into another lane when approaching an emergency scene that is on the side of the road.

This law will also almost double the fine for an offense. Even though this law does not go into effect until April, emergency personnel ask that you start following this law immediately.

The second new law might change how you receive your packages. This law will clear the way for any autonomous and remote controlled robot delivery devices.

The law will classify these robots as pedestrians as long as they yield to human pedestrians and cyclists. This law will also allow these devices to way up to 550 pounds without cargo. This law will go into effect later this month.

Lawmakers also passed a law that requires someone to be at least 18 before receiving a marriage license.