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WAYNESBORO, Pa (WAMS) – A Waynesboro Police Officer resigned from his job in January after multiple allegations of sexually abusing a minor.

William Sublett IV, is facing multiple felonies and a misdemeanor. The charges are as follows:

  • Aggravated Indecent Assault Without Consent (Class 2 Felony)
  • Indecent Assault Without Consent (Class 2 Misdemeanor)
  • 6 Counts of Corruption of Minors – Defendant Age 18 or Above (Class 3 Felony)
  • Criminal Solicitation – Photograph/Film/Depict on Computer Sex Act – Knowingly or Permitting Child (Class 2 Felony)
  • Unlawful Contact With Minor – Obscene and Other Sexual Materials and Performances (Class 2 Felony)
  • Criminal Use Of Communication Facility (Class 3 Felony)

On Dec. 10, The Waynesboro Area Senior High School notified the PA State Police after the 16-year-old victim reported the sexual assault to a guidance counselor.

The Pennsylvania State Trooper and the School Resource Officer met with the student where she reported “unwanted sexual contact” from Sublett.

A forensic interview was conducted at the Over The Rainbow Children’s Advocacy Center. There she disclosed that she had developed a friendship with Sublett. They met last year when he responded to a medical emergency at her home.

The victim also reported that he had visited her home periodically to check on her.

She reported that in November Sublett had taken her to his home where he then fondled her breasts and genitals. She reportedly told him to stop and after he refused she pushed him off of her.

After follow-up interviews, she revealed the Sublett had given her a phone that he would use to contact her under a pseudonym. The cellphone along with many other devices were seized and warrants were obtained to perform a forensic investigation on them.

After the investigation, investigators found that Sublett had attempted to get inappropriate pictures from the victim multiple times in exchange for various purchases.

On December 10, Sublett was interviewed by the Pennsylvania State Police in Chambersburg. He had confirmed that they met before after he responded to a call at her home.

He also confirmed that he had periodically visited her home to check on her per the mother’s request. Sublett immediately terminated the interview after the allegations were brought up.

That night he was placed on administrative leave. He resigned on January 5.

According to court documents, he had been “seducing and manipulating” the victim since she was 15.

Franklin County District Attorney Matt Fogal stated that Sublett had “violated every single provision” of the Guardian Oath.

“When the reported crime is sexual in nature, we cannot help but recognize the special implication on the victim’s psychological well-being, and even especially so when that victim of a sexual crime is a child in our community because many of us are fathers or mothers ourselves, there is, of course, a heightened sense of responsibility and caring. But where, as here, the person that sexually preys on our child victim turns out to be a fellow law enforcement officer, we are extraordinarily angered.” Fogal said in a statement.

Sublett is currently awaiting a preliminary hearing for the 17 of February.