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What is WAMS Stories?

WAMS Stories was originally created as a website where students could submit their short stories. These stories would then be posted on the site. Now, WAMS Stories is a local news organization that is committed to posting accurate and reliable news for South Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland.

WAMS Stories was founded by Donovan Vincent. Donovan is still a member of WAMS Stories today. He is the CEO and Network Administrator.


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Emma Gardner

Hi! I’m Emma! I am the Director of HR and Vice President. When it comes to articles, I am the editor-in-chief.

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Donovan Vincent

Hi! I’m Donovan! I am the Founder and Systems Administrator. I am also the chairman of the WAMS Stories Board of Directors. You may see my articles periodically posted as well.

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Lillian Sprouse

Hi there! My name is Lilly! I am the Vice President of the WAMS Stories Board of Directors. When it comes to articles I am the editor-at-large. Have a terrific day.

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